Friday, December 23, 2005

Ive been horrible lately with my posts, but I promise more will be coming. I was away all last week for work, and the week before that things were very hectic around here. Add on top to that I am in the process of having a house built (and the stress that comes along with it) , so things have been crazy. I have a couple live tournys coming up (first two weeks of jan) so I should have some ammo to post on. My brother just turned 18, and around here you can play in charity tournaments at 18, so guess what his birthday present was? Yup, a buy in to the firehouse tourny. Looking forward to seeing how he does. He is learning, and has a good solid base. Doesn't have enough experience yet (neither do I) to be truly great, but I think he will hold his own, plus he will get a taste of sitting down at table not knowing anyone, which will help and hurt him. Anyway, just wanted to write a quick post letting everyone know I was not dead, and have a happy hollidays Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 02, 2005

What are the odds?

Im playing at Noble Poker tonight $2/4 nl. I was doing well for a while without getting anything... Then I get three prem's in a row..

Pocket 10's

Flop Ah3cQh

I fold to a raise

Pocket Q's
Win when nobody called a postflop bet

Flop comes

I raised preflop, reraise all in ($75) after the flop when someone bet 1/2 the pot
(brought the total pot to $80)
They called, showed down Js10c

Ouch... Well I cant complain because I was not favored when I put my money in, but what are the odds that someone has AK,J10,AA,KK,QQ with that flop?

Now I remember why I have been playing mostly live lately and avoiding the online sites.. I am not saying they are rigged, just two many hands that leave you saying Ouch...

Google has figured out what I have known for a while now.... I am the number 1 hit under future wsop champ

So I bit on the Free Money campaign going on over at Titan Poker (thank s dugglebogey for the referral). Anyway it was a pretty simple process. I followed the steps on their website, downloaded the client, signed up on PSO and was set. Got an email confirmation, had to make a phone call (took a few times to get through). Once I was done with the call the money was in my account within 6 hours. Bingo, $50 bankroll on titan for doing nothing. Now time to build it..

Played for about 3 hours, had the bankroll up at $650 (have I mentioned titan is full of fish?). Mostly playing $2/4 no-limit once I built the roll up to $300. I was up to $900 at one point, before a bad read had my top pair losing to pocket kings, and a bad beat had my set of queens loosing to a rivered flush. Anywho, settled in at $650 when I was done. Tried to withdraw $500, and build the roll back up the next day. Only problem is I only had accumulated 800 stars. Apparently once they give you the $50 you need to accumulate 6000 stars before you can do any withdraw whatsoever. This is retarded. I can understand them wanting you to keep the $50 in the account and in play, but the money you win should be fair game. Oh well, so instead of being conservative and playing some SnG (which btw you get stars for, at a generous rate) I moved on up to $5/$10 nl. I really didn't have the bankroll to be playing here, but I was confident in my ability to play short-stacked. Played for about an hour, when I had a nice chance to double up my roll (now about $725).

6c4c in the big blind.
Fold around to small blind, who min raises my blind.
(A little inside info... He has been doing this non-stop to me since I arrived at the table, most of the time folding after I attack back.)
I call (shaky call, but I wasnt in the mood to be pushed around by mr I am the big stack at the table)
Flop comes
pot has $40, he bets $50, pot now at $90
I am not going to give him a free flush draw, and I am not scared of Q6 or Q4 at this point, so I raise $90, putting pot at $180
He thinks for a minute, then moves all-in.
Very interesting. I don't spend much time to think about it, and call.
This was probably a bad move. I have two pair, but they could be counterfeited easily, and there is a flush draw on the board. Against most players I would debate this for a longer period of time, especially putting my entire titan bankroll on the line with that hand. I thought he probably hit the Queen or he was on a flush draw and was trying to muscle me out of the pot (again).

(sidebar: Titan poker does not flip cards over when two players are all in, this is really annoying and could bring an argument from many many many conspiracy theorists who swear online poker is rigged)

Next card comes a Ad
Now I am thinking I am screwed because he would have just hit his flush draw.
River comes a 9d
Now I get that sinking feeling in my stomach because I know I just lost the hand.

Cards are turned over
he has KhKd and sure enough hit runner runner flush.

So my call was not as bad as I had thought, because I was probably a 85-12 favorite to win the hand when I put my money in, and still about 70-30 after the 3rd diamond came out.

Such is online poker :(

I was irate at titan for not letting me take my money when I wanted it, but even more irate at myself for not being more conservative and getting greedy with it...

Oh well..

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