Friday, April 28, 2006

These are the types of calls that can make you a lot of money when you read people right, but they can also cost you a lot of money when you read them wrong or they catch up. These are also the hands that I have been judging 100% correctly (folding when I am behind and moving in when I am ahead) recently, and then preceding to loose to suckouts. Look-over the hand (think about how much you hate my call in this situation) and think about a situation when you would actually make the same call I did. Then later I will post why I made this move... This will help me see if I am on the right thought path here or not..

***** Hand History for Game 4111099261 *****
deathtron111 finished in sixth place.
0/0 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (Tournament 22737819) - Thu Apr 27 18:35:10 EDT 2006
Table Table 95263 (Real Money) -- Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 1: NickChristy1 (2630)
Seat 2: azrael2679 (3260)
Seat 3: spud2602 (1425)
Seat 5: GALAXY30 (2565)
Seat 6: Stamp25 (2120)
spud2602 posts small blind (20)
GALAXY30 posts big blind (40)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to NickChristy1 [ 9h, 9c ]
Stamp25 calls (40)
NickChristy1 raises (160) to 160
azrael2679 folds.
spud2602 folds.
GALAXY30 folds.
Stamp25 calls (120)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 3h, Th, 6d ]
Stamp25 checks.
NickChristy1 bets (380)
Stamp25 raises (1960) to 1960
Stamp25 is all-In.
NickChristy1 calls (1580)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Jc ]
** Dealing River ** : [ Kc ]
Creating Main Pot with $4300 with Stamp25
** Summary **
Main Pot: 4300 |
Board: [ 3h Th 6d Jc Kc ]
NickChristy1 balance 4810, bet 2120, collected 4300, net +2180 [ 9h 9c ] [ a pair of nines -- Kc,Jc,Th,9h,9c ]
azrael2679 balance 3260, didn't bet (folded)
spud2602 balance 1405, lost 20 (folded)
GALAXY30 balance 2525, lost 40 (folded)
Stamp25 balance 0, lost 2120 [ 4c 5c ] [ high card king -- Kc,Jc,Th,6d,5c ]

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Online Poker Sites read my mind

Haha, based on my title, this post should really get a lot of gooooooogle traffic...

After taking some more bad beatings last night (I really don't feel like getting into them, but just trust me runner-runner cards were caught...) I decided that I was going to relax a bit and not play a whole lot online for the next few weeks. Just to clear my mind a little bit, let the karma fly away and come back fresh. It just got too frustrating constantly getting my money in the pot with the best hand, and constantly seeing it get slide over the other side, heck half the time I knew what was happening and it even had me considering folding the best hand simply because there was 2 hearts on the board and I knew the third was going to hit.. Anyway, that lasted 1 night. Today I get an email from party poker (this is the 3rd email of this sort I have recieved in 2 years from them..) that they want me back and are putting $20 in my account...

Well, I can not possibly let $20 free go to waste. So I will probably hit up party a little tomorrow night and see what I can do there. Maybe my luck will change on party (actually hoff suggested I switch up sites to see if my luck changes)

So wish me the best at Party and join me if you see me out there..


By the way, anyone who has GMAIL be careful and check your spam folder. GMAIL picked this email up as SPAM, I am assuming because the title was "Money in your account", but had I not periodically checked this folder I would have no idea party was being nice again...

Monday, April 24, 2006

And the hits just keep on coming

Now, I am going crazy. Two more lovely hands from last night...

First blinds are 20/40, two callers to me...
I look down to AQ suited, raise to 200
one person calls (one big big big fish smelling donkey) for almost 1/2 his stack
flop comes 53J rainbow
He is first to act and pushes all in (post sized bet)
I call because I know he has junk
He turns over 2k suited
Turn brings a K
River doesn't give me my 10 or A and I loose 1/2 my stack

couple hands later with 30/60 blinds I have AK suited, I have a stack of 880
3 callers to me in the BB (pot is 240) knowing my luck I shoulda checked, but I will not succumb to back luck so I push all in.
What do they turn over?
A7 suited
Q10 off
what comes next???
then the lovely 8 hits on the turn
river brings junk and I am done

really, can it get any worse?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Am I really this bad

I have no idea what has been going on with me lately, but I can not win to save my life. Every golden hand I get turns to sand. I get big chip leads early on by making good calls, then I make better calls and get sucked out on...

Here are some hands that I have crapped out on lately


I raise, get pushed all in and call. He turns over 2h6h and guess what the next card is??? Ace of freaking hearts... lovely...


I raise, get re-raised, push all in and get called.
He turns over JQ
Guess what??
10 on the freaking river

10c8h in BB late in a tournament


1 person raised preflop (which I thought was trying to steal my blinds)
I push all in, he thinks for a while (like his set of freaking 2s isnt going to win here) and then calls


oh yea here is a fun one...
JdQd early on 6 handed.
I raise and get min re-raised.
I figure oh well I will call its early
flop comes
he checks, I bet he calls
turn 9c
he checks, I bet, he moves all in
I should fold, but thinking about how he has been playing I know I have him beat so I call.

What does he turn over?
What does the river bring??
9 of freakin spades

Ok I think I am done my rant now...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Beings that it is Tax season, I figured I would post about some other -EV things in life...

Rent - yea you get a place to live, but could you throw your money away any easier?
Slot machines - if you hit the bonus or the grand prize you wont agree with me, but how many out there have won more then 5k in slots? They are still hella fun...
Middle pocket pairs in multi way pots - so tempting, but usually so dominated
beer before liquor - enless your al
online casinos - hmmm i have a whole post to write about this... Ever get sucked into one of the table games on an online poker site? DONT DO IT. They may seem like fun, but all those conspiracy theorist out there who like to think that online poker is rigged should be concentrating more on these
car insurance - again, I could write a whole post about this, but to keep it short I think that this is the biggest scam out there
last but not least... the aforementioned taxes - even when you get a refun your still getting scammed because the government has held your money for free this long, and lets not talk about those who get a nice $2k tax bill

feel free to join in and post your -EV contributions...

Friday, April 14, 2006

So tempted to take a short night trip to AC tonight..... Figure its a 2 hour drive, leave by 7 be there by 9 play poker until 1 be home by 3.... so tempted....

Thursday, April 13, 2006

That just sucks...

Got home last night expecting to watch the ballgame and relax a bit, only to find out that the game wasn't on TV. Huh?!?!? Well, that just sucks... Time for plan B, a little poker. By a little poker, I mean a $50+5 MTT with 60 entries and 10 minute blind levels.

Tripled up early on with a couple big hands, and one dynamite call with KQ on a K102 board. After getting up to about $6k, I had to fold away a good chunk of chips because the cards got dry. Got to the final 20 with blinds of $200/400 and a chip stack of $4200. Not great position, but I was still in the top 10 (ITM). Side stepped a couple of land mines, stole a few blinds and before I knew it I was at the final table ITM. Although I was short stacked at this point $3200 chips with $400/$800 blinds, I still wasn't out of it. Fold, fold, fold, fold, steal blinds with all in, fold, fold. That is pretty much how it went until we got to 8. There are now 3 people at my level and 5 who have decent stacks $10k+. Blinds are $500/$100 and I have $3600 chips. Folded around to me with AdKd in late position. I raise all in, folds to BB (who has about $3200 chips) calls. NICE, if I double up here I am golden for a top 6 finish. She flips over KK. CRAP, looks like 8th is where I will endup. My AK didn't improve and I was left with $400 chips. I was able to triple up two hands later with AdJd to 1200. Then I stole the blinds with the hamma. After I got through the blinds, I sat with $1200 chips and $500/$1000 blinds. I am in middle position. Pretty much destined to going all in with the next Ace I get, maybe even the next suited or connectors I get.

Here is how the board looks

UTG - $15k
2nd seat - $5600
3rd seat - $12k
4th seat - $1200 (me)
5th seat - $6600
6th seat (SB) - $24k
7th seat (BB) - $18k

UTG calls for $1k
It folds around to me and I am looking at 7h7d
Here is the situation...

Do I go all in here or fold?

I know you have to go all in here, but I like to think that I might be able to fold this hand (even though I never would...) here is why...

There is already 1 person in the hand, If I go all in I wont be chasing them out with a $200 raise. The BB has $18k, it will cost him $200 to get into a pot of $3400, so he is going to call with anything here.

So the question of the day is, can you (not me but you) possibly justify folding 77 in that situation??

Of course the reason I ask is because I lost with my 77, despite being a big favorite...

Here is how it worked out...

I went all in
Folded to the BB
BB called for $200
UTG called for $200

Flop came
(sidenote: I am loving this flop btw)
BB checks
UTG checks
Turn comes
(sidenote: I am preparing to go eat dinner now)
BB bets $1k
UTG folds
(sidenote: I am asking the poker gods for one of my 10 outs on the river)
River comes
BB turns over 38 and takes the pot with a pair of 8's

Talk about a kick in the junk... To work all the way down to the final 7 and get beat with 38... but that is what happens when you have an M of less then 1..

+$160, not to bad but kinda disappointing when I think about how I got knocked out...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Last time I updated my results on the 55 SnG challenge my bankroll was at $378.4. Thanks to a series of bad beats (
sidenote: and me cheating and entering a $40+4 $4k guaranteed tournament
side, sidenote: and finishing 8 due to pushing with TPTK when my M was 4 and getting called by middle-pair-horrible-kicker-going-to-catch-two-pair-on-the-river, too bad for me they only paid top 5 would have been a nice payout... $300,$700,$950,$1250,$1800

my bankroll is now at $250, and I have moved back to the $20+2 level, despite never really loosing my money at the $30+3 level..

Oh well, time to grind out a bit more and get back up.. $310 to get to my goal of $560...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Leaks in Your game

Whether you like to believe it or not, we all have money leaks in our game. Some are more recognizable then others, but they are there. I have plugged up a couple in the last month (in doing so, I found a few more). Here are some very common leaks, and ones that I think we all need to plug up to some extent:

1) Betting into a calling station.
If a player has shown tendency to call down on draws, ace high you need to be careful against him. Don't bet into him with nothing. Say you raise with AQ and the flop shows 38J rainbow. You make a continuation bet and he calls. Was this the right move? You may be ahead right now, but you know that he is calling your bet. Isn't the purpose of a continuation bet to take the pot down right there? If you are ahead push harder. If you are behind check, let me say that again, check.

2) Making incorrect calls
You have seen a player being very aggressive. You notice that he bets a lot with TPTK. You have two overcards and he is pot betting into you. FOLD. You may think that you can call because if you hit you will make him pay. Will you? How has he reacted before when scare cards come down? Has he paid them off? If so, maybe you do have the implied odds. If he hasn't you are only loosing by making these calls. Bottom line is, you can't guarantee implied odds. You must adjust them according to the % chance that they will come to. If you have a straight flush draw, and know he has a boat and will be glade to get all his chips in the pot, maybe it is worth a call. On the other hand, if you have trips and you put him on a straight, chasing your boat may not be the greatest idea. Will he fold his straight to an obvious boat? Sometimes he will...

hero 9s10s
villain JcKd

Flop 10c10dQs
Turn Ad

If the 9 flops will he put all his chips in the middle? Probably..
If the 10 flops will he put all his chips in the middle? Probably not..
What about the Ace, or Queen... Would you put all your chips in the pot with 10,10,Q,Q on the board and all you had was a straight?

These are not very good implied odds...

3) Over-valuing suited cards. K4 suited is not a good hand. Why are you playing it? If you tell me because it is suited, you have a leak in your game, end of story.

4) Over-valuing connected cards. 34o is not a good hand. Why are you playing it? If you tell me because it is connected, you have a leak in your game, end of story.

5) Not playing the aformentioned hands in correct situations. I did not say that you have a leak in your game if you are playing these did I? No, go re-read what I wrote. You have a leak in your game if you are playing theses hands only because they are suited or connected. What if you are on the button and 5 people have called, and you look down at 34o? Jesus, call call call call call call call. You are getting 6.5-1, maybe 7-1 on this call. What are you chances of flopping a straight or two pair with this hand and getting paid off? Better then 7-1.

6) Calling a 4 flush bet without an A or K. These are some tough situations. Do you call a pot bet with a board of


holding 9h10c?

Well, do you bet into that pot with that hand? Probably not... So, would your opponent bet into that pot? Probably not... So, are you behind, probably. Maybe you should call maybe you shouldn't call, it all depends on your read on your opponent. My point is that this is not an automatic call, and you can fold here... BTW if you just call here with the Ah you have a leak in your game also. What in earth do you have to loose with a raise? If he folds you win the pot, oh you were going to do that anyway.. He can not beat you here so don't you think about not raising with the Ah here. Maybe he has KhQh, and he knows that only 1 card in the deck can beat him so he might just make that call...

7) Not watching the table
If you are not paying attention to your table, and their habits you are loosing money. It is as simple as that. Watch the tendencies of other players. Do they bet at uncontested pots a lot? Do they check off good hands that are not the nuts? Do they fold to raises? Are they a calling station? Do they open raise with bad cards? There is a lot of information you can get just by watching the betting habits of the rest of the table, and you can win a lot of small pots, and maybe a large one or two this way. Remember, poker is a game of incomplete information, the more you have the bigger advantage you have.

8) Calling
This was addressed a little bit in #6, but I can not repeat it enough. If you have the best hand raise. It is as simple as that.

9) Min-Raising
This does nothing, end of discussion. If a player folded to your min raise and he would have called without it he needs to be shot. Min raising effectively builds up a pot and causes more people to stay in. It attracts people to the pot. Let me back up a little bit, there are a small few times where min-raising is effective, but if you stop min-raising 100% you will plug up more holes then you introduce.

10) Calling on a bluff
A bluff is not made by calling a bet. A bluff is made when betting or raising. By calling you are telling absolutely nothing to your opponent, therefore you are not deceiving him. Enough said..

These are just the top 10, I will try to round up some more later :)

See, I told you I was actually going to write about poker!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If you are looking for some poker talk feel free to stop by ozbluff its a poker forum setup by huma

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Late Post

Life has been busy lately, so I havent had time to post results from my 55 sng challenge, and havent had time to post any poker concepts that I have been thinking about. Trust me, they will come, I have them stored up!! First thing is first, it is baseball season. As expected, my fantasy team has taken the early lead in the blogger league, and I dont plan on giving it back. Here are my predictions for this season

AL East - Yankees - I wont be a homer this year...
AL Central - Indians - Dont think the sox can repeat, and the indians are damn good
AL West - Angels
AL WC - Red Sox - This one was tough because I think they decline this year

NL East - Braves - You wont see much else here
NL Central - Cards - not much thought needed here
NL West - Bonds.. I mean Giants... something tells me Bonds will have a magical year
NL WC - Cubs - I still cant vote against their pitching, even if it is always hurt

AL Divisional Series -
Yankees over Red Sox
Indians over Angles

NL Divisional Series
Cubs over Braves
Cards over Giants

Yankees over Indians
Cubs over Cards

World Series ...
Cubs over Yankees

yes I am predicting the cubs to win the world series, you can now ignore all predictions that I ever make... awards predictions coming soon

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