Thursday, August 31, 2006

Telaat and other Misfits...

Stay off my blog. If you do not have any better way to make money then to SPAM peoples blogs you really need to get a life. I already have to put up with word verification because you guys cant be trusted, and I really dont feel like having to go back and delete a ton a comments that you leave. Stay Away!

Sorry for that rant, but it had to be said...

More poker coming soon.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Another Situation

5 People left in a 2 table SnG. Top 4 pay out. You are in BB with about 1500 chips, blinds are 50/100. Person in 2nd position moves all in for $4500. Folds to you. You have AdQd. What do you do?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What do you do?

What do you do when you know you are beat, I mean your holding nothing but Ace-Face after the cards are dealt, and you are put all in but if you fold you leave yourself extremely short stacked and the pot is offering you better then 6-1 odds? Do you call and hope and pray that you are calling a bluff? Can you fold and leave yourself with an M of between 1-3? What if in the process of trying to determine if your opponent is bluffing he gives off a tell saying that he has a good hand? What if he gives you a tell saying he has a bad hand?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Poker Dome

How do they get these guys? Have you watched Poker Dome? Some of the players on there are horrible. I mean these are the guys that you dream about sitting at the same table with. I am watching right now with some guy Bulev playing in the final two. He has folded his big blind to a limp 8 times in this broadcast. Thats right, the small blind limped and he just folds. He has folded when first to act isntead of checking. He called an all in with 9-4 off. This guy is heads up for the win tonight. First he had to qualify online, then he had to outlast at least 8 others to get in this position. I mean how did he do that?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Well I didnt live blog...

Couldn't get much signal in the poker room so I gave up on the live blogging. The fact that I am posting this only 5 hours after the tournament started should key you in to how I finished. Ended up about 30ish out of 130ish. So who wants a bad beat story? Its not a one outer, but it still left a sour taste in my mouth..

We were at $500/$1000 blinds with $100 ante and I had a chip stack of about $15k. Not horrible, not great... My M was about 6ish but I was at a very weak table. I had only been at the table 1 round but already had a feel for how I could push the table around. There wasn't a lot of action, but I was hoping to stay at the table for a little while possibly double up once or twice and put myself in a good position for a run at the $4k first price.

Ok, so I set the situation here is the hand. I am on the button and its folded around to me. I look down and see JJ. I had raised twice since I have been at the table both times about 1.5 times the BB. Both hands had gone uncalled. With that in mind, and only two people after me to act I figured I would slow down a little bit. I raised 1k to make it 2k to go. I did this knowing the small blind had only about $7k left and his move was all in or fold. He folded as expected. The big blind was a little bit different. He had almost as much chips as me. He raised up to $7k total. Action back to me, and I knew I had him. I pushed all in for another $10k. It came back to him and he muttered well I guess I have to call here since I am already committed. This even furthered my thought that I had him. He called as expected and flipped over Ac2c....

Well I guess you know how it ends.
2 on the flop, Ace on the river, no Jack.

Left me with $125 in my stack. All in on the next hand with 5d6d, which improved to two pair by the river but still lost to 88 who hit his set on the flop.

A few other interesting hands from the night that I will post later for analysis.

First post for live updates

First post for live updates this is just a test post

Getting ready to head over to Singerly for the monthly poker tournament. If you havent read it hear before its a $130 buy in, with a field ranging from 80-100+. I am going to try to update my blog during the tournament from my new cell phone, lets see how this works. Tournament starts at 6, with $5k chips and blinds of $25-$50. I will try to update at every level, but probably end up just doign so during breaks.

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