Saturday, September 02, 2006


I really out-think myself sometimes. I play in local tournaments where if I just sat back and played my game I could win/place a lot. Instead, I get myself into situations that I shouldnt be in. I have strecthes where I play great poker. I have stretches where I am absouletly on top of my game. These stretches give me hope. They make me feel like I can play with the big boys. I get confident. You need confidence to be sucesfull right? I feel like if I only play my game, dont let small things distract me, dont "outplay" myself I can dominate. I am not talking about winning a few bucks here and there, I am talking about sitting at a big tournament and getting deep enough to gaurentee a big payout. I am talking about sitting at a big cash game and walking away with a deep bankroll. I am talking about bluffing johny chan off of a hand in atlantic city (nice little rounders shout out). What happens? Why dont I walk away satisfied? Why do I walk away with less money then I walked in with? I outplay myself. I out-think myself. I call all in bets that cost me 60% of my stack in pots that start with less then 5% of my stack, because I think its a bluff. I raise calling stations. I overplay middle pair. I do these things because I think I am better then I am. One thing we all need to learn in poker is that we are not bigger then the game. No matter how much experience we have, no matter how many books we have read, no matter how good we have played up to this point, all that matters is the two cards we have, what is on the board, and our opponent. We cant overplay 55 and expect to win everytime. We run into AA with KK. Our opponents will make stupid calls with A10 off. Our opponents will "keep us honest". We give off tells. These things happen. They happen a lot. We can't outplay these situations. No matter how good of a poker player you are you will loose with A3 more then you will win with it. Sometimes we just need to simplify our game. Get back to basics. Humble yourself...


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